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If you are new to scrubs it may seem like a minefield out there. Post-Covid a lot of you in the Medical, Care and Beauty industries who didn’t wear Scrubs before are now having to wear extra PPE to keep yourselves and your clients safe.

What we offer:

The NHS/HSE have been using Scrubs for the longest time but are now being joined by an array of professions, Healthcare and more;

Nurses – Scrubs are great for Nurses as they provide comfort and ease of movement on their long demanding shifts

Doctors– Great for Surgeons especially as the Scrubs can be washed at high temperatures to further prevent any risk of infection or spread of contaminants

Vets– Lots of our Scrubs have fabric technologies such as soil release and anti-static which makes it super easy to wipe off hair, fluff and dust and guarantees you won’t end your day covered in animal hair (although we suspect that does kind of come with the territory)

Dentists – Dentists love our Scrubs! Very practical and comfortable

Care workers– Traditionally seen in Tunics, Care workers are now making the move to Scrubs after seeing a greater focus on infection control (Post Covid)

Midwives – I think it goes without saying that a Midwife will want some serious barrier protection between themselves and their patient and Scrubs are perfect for this





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